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organic chemistry internship

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organic chemistry internship

Biophotonic Moleculars and cellulars Intéractions Team -

Collaboration with the Biophotonic Moleculars and Cellulars interactions Team (UMR 7213 CNRS) leaded by professor Yves Mély ( , , yves.mely@unistra.fr).

The group's activities are at the interface between biophysics, biology and chemistry. They are based on the study of biomolecular interactions in solution and in cell medium by fluorescence methods.

Biophotonic Moleculars and Cellulars Interactions Team, in the foreground and on the right of the picture, Professor Yves Mély.

Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology Kiev -

Collaboration with the team leaded by professor Alexander Demchenko ( , alexdem@ukr.net).

The laboratory develop 4 differents thematics: They work on nanocomposites based on organic dyes belonging to 3-hydroxychromone class and semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots), on the fluorescent few-atom silver clusters synthesized on polymeric scaffold (studied in aqueous solutions and also in a series of organic solvents), on few-atom silver clusters based on organic dye serving as a photosensitizer in silver ion reduction and as a scaffold for formed nanocomposite and finally on new sensor technology based on resonance enhancement of fluorescence on plasmon nanoparticles (in collaboration with the Lashkarev Institute of Physics of Semiconductors).

Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology Team, in the background and in the middle of the picture, Professor Alexander Demchenko.

Laboratory of Biopolymer Modification - Website flechenoireflecheblanche

Collaboration with Prof. Olga S. Fedorova Team ( , fedorova@niboch.nsc.ru) from the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine.

The laboratory is interested in DNA repair processes to design of low-molecular-weight inhibitors of enzymes repair as radiosensitizers, in human proteomics and metabolomics, in the design of conjugates nucleic acids and biologically active molecules and in computational structural genomics and proteomics to develop advanced computer methods for structural biology.

Durhan University - Department of Chemistry - Website flechenoireflecheblanche

Collaboration with Prof. David PARKER Team (david.parker@durham.ac.uk).

The laboratory is interested in chemistry of complex chiral systems to address challenging aspects of complexation phenomena in complex aqueous media. Their recent work dealing with lanthanide complexes based.

Several single component, macrocyclic complexes of the lanthanide ions have been devised in which the delayed emission from the metal ion within a defined compartment is a sensitive function of pH, dissolved oxygen and the concentration of certain anions - including phosphorus(V) oxy-anions, bicarbonate, lactate citrate and urate. The factors determining the cellular localisation profile of well-defined series of metal complexes are examined, including studies of the mechanism of cell uptake and trafficking. Gadolinium complexes and conjugates are also being prepared, including systems in which their effectiveness as contrast agents in MR can report neurotransmitter receptor location and function.

organic chemistry internship
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